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Replication with new and innovative techniques...
Do You....

* Require replication from a broken off piece of antique, from the architecture to objects to cornices upon castles and stately homes?

* Have you designed a fantastic piece of retro art / art deco for your office, studio or home, and want to bring it to life, from an individual unit to manufacturing on a large scale?

* Have you landscaped a fantastic garden and need a designer pond to your specification, with heating and lights incorporated and all dancing?

* Does your new landscaped garden require specially designed garden furniture or figurines?

* Are you in the process of refurbishing or renovating a grade I or II listed building and have to stay within certain renovation parameters?

*Interior designers do you want that specific colour, furniture, object replicated to fit in with your schedule?

*Architects do you wish to deal direct with a renound and respected replicater of architectural supplies and need to source this for the builder, someone who already has a prestigious customer base, with attention to detail?

* Or are you simply just looking to find products to market and require the product to be produced, with samples for shows and exhibitions?

* Then please send your enquiries via the order form and we will get back to you A.S.A.P

Turn around time from placing an order varies from 3 to 6 weeks.

V.A.T No: 651 2894 28


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